In-House Fabrication + No Overhead

Are you looking to start a in-house fabrication shop for your business? Have you been calculating the overhead? Weighing out the risks? Maybe you already have a small shop and are looking to expand. The benefit of an in-house sheet metal shop is undeniable, but so is the overhead. We don't underestimate your ability to run your own in-house fabrication shop, we just have another option: HVAC Product Supply; In-house fabrication, minus the overhead.

Option 1: HVAC Product Supply's Fabrication shop

-You order.

-We make the product.

-You pay a cost-effective price.

Option 2: In-House Fabrication

(There are many factors and risks involved with starting and running an in-house fabrication shop)

-Buying, renting, or making space.

-Investing into machinery.

-Moving current or hiring new employees.

-Setting up and managing workflow, inventory, and purchasing.

-Finding a system to keep it all integrated and flowing smoothly.

-Managing the process on a daily basis.

The choice is yours.