Mini Customs to the Max

Meet Max Garbaly, our metal fabrication specialist and sage.

Max has been working at HVAC Product Supply from the start. He has made so many custom plenums and elbows that to him they all seem standard. Typically it takes him less than 15 min to make a custom piece, meaning that customers can receive their customs along with the rest of their regular "will call" order, saving them time and money.

The reason he is able to make customs so quickly is because of our manual tools/machines. There is less set up time and less computer work. After an order is received Max redraws the custom on paper, to make sure that it's understood correctly, and then he's off to the slitters and breaks. Less than 15 min later he comes out of the shop with a fresh shiny custom, almost as if it was in the back waiting for you the whole time.

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